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About Coastline

Physical Therapy & Performance

Coastline Physical Therapy & Performance offers physical therapy, occupational therapy, and bodywork to help you move and feel better. Coastline’s unique approach combines hands-on techniques, evidence-based interventions, and advanced technology to provide an exceptional patient experience.  

Dr. Hollan Oliver, Owner

Dr. Hollan Oliver started Coastline Physical Therapy & Performance in 2017 in her hometown of Deer Isle, Maine. In 2022 she expanded the practice, opening a second location in Blue Hill, Maine. Hollan has over a decade of experience and holds certifications that place her among the most decorated physical therapists in the country.

I’m excited to work in my home state, serving hard-working community members as they look for ways to overcome pain, stay active, and return to the activities they love.” – Hollan

My Approach

Coastline Therapy serves patients of all ages, from infants to senior citizens, with the goal of helping each individual achieve a comfortable, pain-free, and active lifestyle – without the use of harmful medication, injections, or surgery. 

We’ll tailor a care plan that best suites your needs – with maximum flexibility and without third party limitations. By utilizing an out-of-network model, patients experience a unique approach that often results in faster recovery, less total visits per week, and less overall cost. I guarantee your physical therapy experience will be based on one-on-one attention and individualized treatment. 

I want you to end your time with Coastline Physical Therapy & Performance more active, healthy, and mobile – so you can do what you love. Let us restore your health and improve your quality of life today. 

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