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The Lobsterman’s Guide to Shoulder Pain

Learn six simple and easy steps to keep healthy while working on the water. This guide, developed by Dr. Hollan Oliver, incorporates her years of experience as both a lobster boat captain and an expert in injury prevention and rehabilitation. The e-book includes:

  • A basic shoulder anatomy lesson
  • Tips to manage joint pain and inflammation
  • Four daily stretches to perform on the boat
  • Five strengthening exercises to improve shoulder health
  • Ways to release muscle tension
  • A bonus ergonomic assessment of your boat

For sale in the office

Coastline Physical Therapy’s office, located at 5 Main Street in Deer Isle Village has a number of additional wellness products available for purchase.

Items include:

  • Foam rollers
  • Rock tape
  • Lumbar rolls
  • Ice packs
  • Exercise bands
  • Mobility balls